Thursday, March 22, 2012

I Love Mile Markers

I grew up in a family that was spread out all over Texas. That never kept us apart though! My mom was a teacher so we would jump in the mini-van and drive to someone's house every long weekend or holiday we had. I remember looking out the windows at those mile markers on the side of the highway thinking "how much longer?" 

Today marks the day that we have our final interview with Gladney and become official parents in waiting! While I'm super stoked that this day has finally come, it's really the beginning of the journey. Now we have to make a profile book for birth mothers to look through looking for that perfect family they want to give their child away to. How can I put into words who we are and why they should pick us? I'm supposed to try to convince a birth mom to give up a child that I never could give up myself if it were my own! Oh how heart wrenching this process is! How I hurt for the birth mothers that have to painfully give up their child so they can grow up in a family that can provide better things for them. 

After we become parents in waiting, we will continue looking out the window at these mile markers and the difference will be that we won't know our ending destination or how long the trip will be. It could be a few days, up to two years or anywhere in the middle. 

I am glad that as I am looking out at those mile markers (that I'm quite certain will start to blend together) that I know I'm not alone in thinking about my future child that I will one day hold in my arms, along with the mother that will carry and give birth to them; and ultimately give them to us. The birth mother of this child is thinking about their child and us too. And beyond us adults in the mix, I know that God is smiling down because He is forming that child, protecting that birth mother and holding our hands on this journey. He knows when the perfect time will be for us to arrive at our destination. 

And that time will be oh so sweet!

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