Sunday, April 15, 2012

A drop in the bucket...

We were blessed over the past two weeks by friends and family that have generously given to our adoption fund via donations for the garage sales AND monetarily! Most people don't realize that adopting can actually cost money and others think it's so astronomically expensive it can never be done. It's honestly somewhere in between. The process we are going through right now is not cheap, but we know that God will provide! 

Between the past two weeks, we had enough to do 2 garage sales! 

We were able to raise $1,977!!!

This might only be a drop in the bucket, but we know that every penny came from our Provider and only He knows how He will meet our every need!

Over the past two weeks it has been even more obvious that we are taking a journey that God planned prior to our knowledge. The numerous amount of people that have asked us about adoption or just questions about the process has been too many to count. It has opened the door to share our testimony of following God's will in adopting Kiir and we have seen several hearts softened to the pull of God leading them down the same path! We have had people ask the awkward questions that everyone is thinking, but few are courageous enough to ask and God has been so good in giving us the gracious words to share with them. We know that His plan is greater than ours and I am excited to see how it unfolds.

Yesterday I got to meet an adoptee that was shopping with her baby. She was so kind to share the sweet story of meeting her birthmom when she was a young adult with me and then gave us all of the extra money she had left after shopping to go toward our adoption. Another sweet foster mom just had a placement in the wee hours of the morning and was shopping for her two new children. She also left what little she had left to go towards our adoption! We were blessed with the generosity of grandparents that have an adopted grandson and wanted to bless us too! Another woman wanted to let me know she would be praying for us and the birthmom as we continue in our journey! Others came to look around (like a dear friend of mine from junior high) and just left with a hug and a donation to "the cause". The love God showed us yesterday was profound, and yet I wouldn't expect anything less from HIM!

We still have a ways to go, but we know we are in sync with His footsteps!

If you would like to donate toward our adoption, 
you can send donations our way by several methods:

1. Donate via PayPal!
We have a PayPal button on the top right of our blog
and you can pay via credit card, bank transfer, etc.

2. Donate to our adoption fund through our agency!
Gladney Center for Adoption keeps track of everything we still owe towards the adoption of future baby Carson and can accept any form of donations to go towards our account!
You can contact our case manager: 
Melissa Thompson at (817) 922-6000

3. Send donations via snail mail.
If you do not have our address but would like to choose this method, 
comment on a blog post and I will email you back with our address.

Thank you all for the many prayers and love you have given generously! We know that we serve a GREAT and FAITHFUL LORD and that this journey has incredible things to come in the future!

This morning we sang this song in worship and as usual, it contained every word I needed to sing to Him! My favorite part is the chorus:

Oh, my God,
He will not delay
My refuge and strength always
I will not fear, His promise is true
My God will come through
Always, always!!!
If you have never heard it, here is the YouTube video:

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