Monday, October 18, 2010

New Beginnings

This weekend was full of relaxing, hanging out and preparing for Kiir's first day of school. Friday night we all watched the Ranger/Yankee baseball game. Kiir is a Yankee's fan so he was excited with the result and gave Kelly a hard time the next day. Saturday we got to wake up and play soccer again. It was fun to go with them and take pictures of Kelly & Kiir playing soccer together. We got some great "frame-able" moments! Saturday afternoon was filled with nap time and watching the Rangers beat the Yankees, to which Kelly was able to give Kiir a hard time back! Saturday night we rented the movie "God Grew Tired of Us" which is about the Lost Boys of the Sudan. Kiir is from the same area and it was neat for him to understand what they were saying! It was also great to be able to mute some of it and hear his stories from the Sudan and Ethiopia. If you are interested in learning more about the civil war of Sudan, refugee camps or the Lost Boys, this is a great documentary about it all!

Sunday was a great day at church! Kiir got to meet more students and so many people came up to meet him after service. I have never felt more love flow from people than yesterday! We were invited to go play "American football" ;) with a group from church and Kiir was very excited about going. After a lazy Sunday afternoon, we all headed to the park. Kelly and Kiir were on opposite teams so they got to play against each other. It was quite humorous! They are both so athletic and competitive and I was the proud mom/wife! I also was incredibly proud of the church family we have surrounding us. I don't think they could have made Kiir feel more welcome/at home around them! On the way home he was excited about playing next week already (even though he had some bumps and bruises from rolling around on the ground) and going to a couple youth events this week.

Today is his first day of school at MAC. Don't worry, I pulled the embarrassing mom thing and took a picture of him at the house before leaving! :D I know this might sound weird, but I don't have pictures of him on his first day of school growing up and since he's a senior, this was my last chance! So I had to take one! Then we took off for school to register for his classes. We found out that the soccer coach said to put him in soccer instead of PE so he could already start working out with the team! Praise God for taking care of the tiniest details yet again! As we were looking at the school map and highlighting where his classes were, I knew I was about to have to leave him to fend for himself. I then realized what every mom goes through the first day of school...although for most I'm sure it's their kindergarten year, not their child's senior year! I gave him a hug and told him to have a great day. Then I turned to leave him and tried to hold back my tears as I got in the car and drove away. I'm quite certain he is just fine as he has had many first days of school, but this is my first day leaving him! I'm sure he'll have a fantastic day and I hope to hear all about it when I pick him up. 3:45 cannot come quick enough today!

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