Monday, October 11, 2010

Bonding Time

After eating some wonderful Ethiopian food and gelato Thursday night, we were excited to pick him up on Friday for the weekend! The soccer jersey we got him was a little big, so our first stop was back to the Soccer Premier store to exchange for a smaller size. When we were there, we found out that they could put any player's name & number on the back with the actual stuff they put on professional jerseys so we had that done with his favorite player. He was stoked! While they worked on pressing the jersey we were able to walk around the store and learn a lot more about his love: soccer.

We then we got to come back to our house and show him around. He was excited to see his room and bathroom, learn more about the renovations we did on the house, and our future plans for it. As soon as he saw the ping pong table, he asked Kelly if they could play. I think they played 4 or 5 matches (over an hour) and I had to pull them away to eat lunch. After lunch we decided to head to the Fort Work Museum of Science and History. We walked around, got to play in the inventor's studio and went to an IMAX film. Driving there and back also gave us some time to learn more about each other. On the way home we were able to go up to the school he would attend and at least drive around so he could see what it looks like. When we got home we decided to order a pizza and rent a movie. Overall, it was a fun and relaxing day!

On Saturday, he and Kelly got up to go play soccer with some friends from church. After lunch, we decided to try and have a somewhat "normal" day and go grocery shopping. Of course, grocery shopping for us is a little different from most people. We ran by Walmart for basic items, another store for my face wash, and then to Costco for our monthly supply of staples. It was fun to see what kinds of food he likes to eat and to try some of the samples. We also ran into an old caseworker of his and got to meet him! That was really neat! At dinner that evening, we were able to share with him our story and why we wanted to become his parents. It was a really nice moment we will forever cherish. After dinner, we played rock band as a family for a couple of hours. It was his first time to play and by the end he was getting the hang of the drums. We had a lot of fun!

Sunday we went to church as a family and introduced him to some of the youth. After lunch, he and Kelly got ready for the Cowboy's game. Kelly's parents gave us their season tickets for Sunday's game so they could go together. They got some great pictures of the two of them at the stadium together and with a Ferrari they passed by. It was great father-son bonding time! :)

When they returned, we hopped in the car to take him back to his current home. On the way, however, my car started making a ticking sound. About halfway there on I-35 in Dallas, my car started humming and I lost the ability to accelerate. I pulled off the road and my check engine light came on, followed by the entire car shutting down. We pushed it into a gas station and it started smoking like crazy! We called his foster dad to come and pick him up since we obviously were not going to be able to take him home. Then we called our insurance to get us a tow. I am so thankful that God took care of us and let us end up in a well-lit, safe area while we waited. It also gave us an opportunity to show him how Kelly and I handle stress and that no matter what, everything will always be okay and taken care of as we trust in our ultimate Provider!

Even though it was an interesting end to our weekend together, it was a wonderful weekend nonetheless! When everything is more final I will post the pictures you have all been asking me to see! :) He wanted to take lots of pictures throughout the weekend so we have some great ones of us all! We are excited about later this week as he gets to move in and we start our journey now living together as a family!

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