Friday, October 15, 2010

Moving In!

Yesterday, Kiir became our son! He moved in and we got to unpack all of his stuff into his new room. Then we sat down and went through all of CPS's paperwork, our agency's paperwork and signed off on everything. It was like buying a house, but better! :) When we were completely finished, we got to inventory everything he had, what he needed and decided we should go shopping! We had fun getting things at Target, Rack Room Shoes and Ross. We even ran into our friend Karen while shopping! We were able to introduce Kiir as our son for the first time. What a great feeling!

After shopping, we came back home and I cooked dinner. Kiir keeps telling us how much he loves orange chicken with noodles, so I made that for our dinner. Kelly insisted that I make him my bread pudding for dessert since that was Kelly's favorite. I don't know if orange chicken and bread pudding are the best match for dinner, but it was good nonetheless. While I was cooking, Kelly and Kiir washed the car and then played a game of 1 on 1 basketball and Kiir won! The best part of the day (besides signing all of the papers) was when Kiir told me stories about where he has lived in the Sudan and Ethiopia. He is so incredibly smart to remember everything he does and it was precious to hear about his childhood before we knew him.

Today we woke up and went to MAC to enroll him and go on a tour of the school. We were all very nervous about the transfer, TAKS, credits and classes working out so he could graduate on time. However, the counselor and other staff were able to work everything out so that he can take everything he wants and graduate on time (Spring 2011)! He was ecstatic! We also had the dreaded and anticipated visit to the orthopedic surgeon to release him officially to play sports from a surgery he had last year. After waiting for a long time, the doctor finally said okay! Kiir is very eager to try out for soccer in the next few weeks, and to workout in the meantime! I cannot express how exciting this day was and how much praise we gave our Lord for taking care of even the tiniest little details to make this school year perfect!

I never knew that the feeling of being a mom was so powerful. You hear that when mother's give birth it is an experience like no other and there is an instant bond. Well, I can tell you that when we signed papers (both Kelly and I, along with Kiir) I could feel my heart enlarge with an enormous and powerful love. My son might not look like I do, but he is my son and I love him more than I could even imagine was possible! It just reminded me how much our Lord and Savior loves us since we are His adopted sons and daughters!!! With a pot of chili simmering for dinner and the Rangers vs. Yankee's game on tonight, we are excited to spend a Friday night at home as a family!


  1. How beautiful! I feel privileged to have run into your family on such a special day! Congratulations!

  2. Thank you God for answering prayers of connectedness and bonding for this precious family! We rejoice in the creation of a new beginning and a lifetime of connectedness!