Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Merry Christmas!

This was an incredible Christmas for our family. We were so excited about our first Christmas as parents and Kiir was excited to see what he would find under the tree. He wanted to shake the boxes and guess. I told him we didn't play a guessing game because if he guessed right it wouldn't be a surprise. That didn't stop him from still shaking them and asking questions. :)

On Christmas morning, he got to partake in a tradition Kelly and I started a few years ago of only giving each other 3 gifts to symbolize the 3 gifts the wise men brought Jesus. At first he thought this was a little unfair...only 3 presents?! However, after we explained that they would always be good gifts and that his grandparents did not abide by this rule, all was okay. From us, he got his senior ring, a Bible with his new name engraved on it, and wait for it....a nerf gun. He and Kelly were very excited about the last one and decided to make it a tradition to always get a new nerf gun each Christmas. His senior ring was a nice way to be able to show him how proud we are of his hard work in school to be able to graduate this year.

For Christmas Eve, we went over to Nana & Papa's house. Kiir got to play video games with his uncle Shane and go do some last minute shopping with him too! That afternoon, we got to watch Miracle on 34th Street and introduce that tradition to Kiir. Then we ate and opened presents. It was a nice and relaxing time with all of them. Kiir's favorite part was that he got a new pair of soccer cleats from Nana & Papa!On Christmas day, we got to wake up, look in stockings and eat breakfast pizza casserole. Then we opened presents. It was a cherished first Christmas together for all of us! After we got ready, we went over to grandma & grandpa's house. We opened presents with them and Kiir screamed like a little kid when he opened an Xbox game because that meant that he got an Xbox. We had a fun time hanging out with Kelly's immediate and extended family: eating, playing basketball, and ending with the traditional game of spoons. It was a wonderful Christmas. The best part was as we drove out of the driveway on our way home Kiir said "I feel like a millionaire." "Why," I asked. "Because I got everything for Christmas off of my list! That's never happened before!"

The three of us are looking forward to many more Christmas' to come!

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