Friday, February 04, 2011

January 2011

The month of January came and went in a blink of an eye!

First, we got to celebrate Kiir's 18th birthday on January 1st. For lunch, we had family come over and hang out, cooked burgers & fries, and had cookie cake for dessert. He was excited to get some cool clothes and games for his new Xbox from all of his grandparents, along with the camera we gave him. Later that evening, he invited some guys over and they played on the Xbox and ate some ice cream cake & pizza to celebrate. Kiir really wanted ice cream cake for dessert and I had never made one before so this was my first try. What do you think?

The guys started off playing Call of Duty, but when some of them found out that we had Kinect for the Xbox, they wanted to play it. So I put in Dance Central! Yes, I knew this would lead to some embarrassing fun pictures and videos. I'll post one of Kelly dancing so I don't embarrass all of the boys:

For more videos, check out my facebook videos. There are some pretty hilarious ones! Later in January, the youth at church took a huge group of students for broomball. It was so much fun! Here's another fun video of them playing:

Lastly I got to celebrate my 29th birthday on the 29th of January. Kelly took me to a French cooking class at Central Market! The next day I got to celebrate with the whole family at one of my favorite sushi places: Piranha's Killer Sushi. Then he, along with my parents and in-laws, bought me a Vitamix blender! I was super surprised and excited to use it! For all of you who think a blender is an odd gift to get excited about, my hubby knew that it was the perfect gift for me as I love having fun in the kitchen! Here's a picture of us at the cooking class. We loved it so much that we want to go back for many more!

One of my best friends told me that this should be my lucky year (turning 29 on the 29th) and I agree. Ever since I was 13 I made to-do lists for my next milestone birthday (13, 16, 18, 21, 25, etc.) and up until my 25th birthday, I had achieved everything on my list. When I turned 25, however, I had only achieved 1 of them: get married to the perfect man God chose for me. I'm definitely not complaining about that, but I was a little irritated (being the planner/perfectionist that I was) by not accomplishing any of the others. Then God did what He does very well, He woke me up to His plans for my life and made me trust in Him. As a side note, He did bless me with everything else (minus 1 item) on my "25" list in my 25th year! How great is He!

So here I am embarking on my 29th year and yes, I still have a to-do list for before I turn 30 that I made when I was 26. However, there is a huge difference in this one. If I don't accomplish everything on it, I'm okay with that because I know my perfect God has the best plan for my life. :D I've realized that there is nothing wrong with making to-do lists, it's just making sure you can let go of them for the true architect of life. Also, as a side note, I have accomplished over 2/3 of my to-do list already! We moved into the home I could live in forever, I have a job that I love, I'm learning a new language right now, and I became a mom! What more could I really want???

"For I know the plans I have for you (insert your name here!), plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

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