Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hello Goodbye

Today I sang this song to work:

You say goodbye and I say hello.
Hello, hello
I don't know why you say goodbye...
I say hello :)

I turned this in today:

It was bittersweet to turn in my letter of resignation.

Never before have I liked a job like this one. It suited me. I enjoyed it and a lot of days LOVED what I was doing! I got to be on the fun side of education. Something I really liked doing. I worked with some awesome teachers and had a great time.

Why then am I leaving?

This is one of them:

And the second has to do with our family growing in the future through adoption again as we start the process of training, paperwork, and home study all over again.

I'm nervous, excited, and full of emotion as I say goodbye to what I know and hello to the unknown.

But I can't wait to experience this unknown!
I've heard it's kind of

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