Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Bluebonnet Tradition (and the story behind it)

I was reflecting back and couldn't think of a time when my mom didn't see bluebonnets and say "Look! We should stop and take some pictures!" It is like it is ingrained into Texans (or at least Texas mom's) to want to take pictures of children in bluebonnets. And of course it makes sense. The weather is great, the sky is an amazing backdrop that blends well with the vibrant blue in the flowers and the bright green grass. Mix that with the hills and trees of Texas and you have perfection! "An expanse of those blue and stalwart flowers strewn across a pasture or along a highway prompts such a welling-up of joy—it is to nature what an excellent symphonic passage is to music." -Suzanne Winckler  

And I'm guessing Suzanne is also a mom. :)

This is why it is the state flower of course! In 1901 there was a discussion among the Texas legislature about which flower they should pick. The cotton boll & cactus blossoms were top contenders. Can you imagine?! I'm grateful John Green suggested the bluebonnet. Of course nobody else had heard of them. So members of a women's patriotic society witnessing the debate dashed to an Austin parlor and returned with another incipient Texas institution - a painting of bluebonnets. ‘Deep silence reigned for an instant,’ history records states. ‘Then deafening applause fairly shook the old walls.’”

Kids on the other hand - well, they have no idea why in the world they are placed on the side of a highway with loud cars flying by in flowers that itch. But that's the fun, right? Trying to make them smile to capture just a few good moments on camera!

I think Mrs. A. L. Morgan said it best in a 1941 issue of Texas Parade:
"Springtime is when the sky falls on Texas."

Here is my attempt at getting the traditional bluebonnet photos of Mr. Lex...


This has to be one of my favorites. 
Taking it all in...

And regardless of what all of these pictures show, 
he did get tired of me taking pictures. 
Here's one to prove it:


Happy Bluebonnet picture season!
From our family to yours.

Sorry that there are no pictures of Kiir in the bluebonnets. I didn't even try to ask. I think I would have gotten one of those looks like only 21 year old can give. Maybe one day I'll be able to trick him into tagging along.



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