Friday, March 15, 2013

What? It's been over 3 Months?!?!

So I know, I'm a little late. It's officially been 15 weeks since Lex was born, but who's counting? I guess I should be, but maybe when I get a little more sleep I'll be able to do what, say 18 years? Yep, that's it. I just need to wait until he's off at college and then I'll get some sleep. Wait...I have another son living at home into his second year of college and I don't get too much sleep now. And when Lex is 18 I might be a grandparent (not from him, but Kiir would be 38 at that time) and then I'll be wanting some grandkid love! Hmmm....

Now on to the reason for this post! It's been way too long since I posted an update. Sorry. For those that follow on FB, I hope you feel that you get updated. For those that don't, sorry. You should friend me on FB and maybe you would feel better!

Rambling will stop soon, I promise!

Anyway, it's been 15 weeks since Lex was born and it still feels like it was just last week! I'm sad to say that I only have 1 more week of maternity leave until I have to start leaving him each week day to go back to work. (Pause for a moment of grieving and tears). Summer is coming soon right? Right!

So I thought I would share his monthly pictures so you can see how much he has grown. I would post weekly pictures like those organized moms, but while I take pictures of Lex every day, I don't upload them to the computer/take the time to date them so you're stuck just seeing my FB (and occasional blog) posts. Sorry!

But don't worry, you are in luck because I have THE cutest baby around!
It is a FACT. 
Sorry friends...hehehe

Month 1
Sorry he's in big clothes and you can't really tell how little he was! Check the previous blog post and you can see how little he was during his first month of life. :)

Month 2

Month 3

So now that you've ooohhheeeddd and aaawwweeeddd....
Here are some of my favorites of him from late December, January and February so you can ohh and aww some more!




Stay tuned as my next post will have his newborn pictures plus some family pictures from our professional photo shoot!

To be continued SOON! :)

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