Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Nursery: Phase 1 (Painting)

Most moms start the process of planning their nursery when they start telling people they are pregnant. There is a since of a safe timeline. With adoption it could be a phone call in 24 hours upon approval or you could wait up to 2 years. So how do you decide when to start preparing the nursery? This, my friends, was something I was torn about. I didn't want to prepare this grand room and then stare at its cuteness for 2 years! So I decided I wanted to wait until we were matched to begin playing with this room even if that meant doing it after the baby came.

Unbeknown to us, God had the perfect plan in store. Before I could even figure out my paint colors, we were matched and the baby was due in a little over 2 months! Definitely enough time to decorate!

So off I was to pick the perfect theme. You see, we wanted something gender neutral because even though we know the sex of the baby (and yes, we are still keeping it a secret from all of you!), we also know that we have to prepare ourselves for the birth mother to choose to parent OR for the birth father to come forward and for us to have to walk away from this baby. However, I wanted bright colors! Bright colors make me happy and I wanted this baby to be in an environment that stimulated it's mind but was very playful and not babyish. So after agonizing over ideas I have had for the past few years I decided on a Dr. Seuss theme. I looked online at all kinds of bedding and finally found one that had the bright, neutral colors I was going for. After finding the bedding, the rest of the room could now fall in place!

Before you look at all of the pictures, here is the info to our wonderfully talented friend that painted our nursery: Robin Oas Designs. If you are looking for help painting a nursery, canvas or anything in between she does it all and I would highly recommend her!

A few days before we got started, Kelly painted the walls blue for the sky so we would have a blue canvas to paint on top of. Then Robin came over and we painted the hills and clouds on day 1. Here are pictures of how that day progressed:

While day 1 of painting was fun, day 2 was even better!
I enlisted 3 fabulously artistic and fun girls from our youth group (Katie, Lindsey, & Bethany), one of their brave mom's (Beth) and then of course our incredible artist Robin to help. The following shows the progress as we went along. The entire thing went up in 3 hours and I am still blown away!

Day 3 consisted of Robin going over some colors to make them brighter and me just watching in awe:

Stay tuned for the next post (Phase 2) in which I'll show you all of the furniture in the room, decals on the door/wall/book case and the other finishing touches we made! Hopefully there will also be a baby in this room in a little over a month!

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