Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Family on Mission T-Shirts!

T-Shirts to support our trip
are on pre-order for 
$25 each!

This is another way you can support our family going on mission in October. If you want to read more information about it, here are some blog posts that explain. We have a few more posts that will be released before we head out in October.

The first order of shirts is going to take place in the next 2 weeks
so if you want one soon, place an order ASAP! 

They are super soft, dark grey shirts with white writing and a teal/blue outline.

When you place an order, make sure you include a note with how many shirts and what sizes for each shirt are being ordered! This is not tax deductible since you are paying for a good and therefore cannot be written to the church sending us.

If you would like to order a shirt,
you can pay 1 of 3 ways:

1. Mail us a check or money order
*Write in the memo line "Mission T-Shirt(s)"

2. Pay through PayPal
HERE is the link.
You can type in my email address or phone number, then put in the amount you want to pay and submit! If you don't have either of those and want to pay through PayPal, message me or comment below and I will get them to you!

3. Pay in person
*Cash, check, money order, gold, etc. We're not picky!

The t-shirts are $25, but you are welcome to donate more if you would like.
*If you need me to mail the shirt, I'll get you shipping info as well ($3-$5ish).

You can also donate toward the 
trip in general online. 
1. Go to:
2. Create an account (or login if you have one)
3. Under "give to" scroll down and find "Korea 2014"
4. Then pick one of our names in the next box.
5. Put how much you want to give and method of payment.

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